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The "Wanderer"

A Boutique on Wheels

We know you love our trend wear and now we are making it even more accessible! The "Wanderer" is a boutique on wheels where we bring the style and fun to you and your friends! If you are anything like me...a busy mom, working full-time and running kids here and there, it is hard to find time for yourself to shop or hang out with your girlfriends. It is for this reason that the Wanderer was brought to life! Now you are able to do both at the same time! Who doesn't enjoy sipping a glass of wine and hanging with your favorite people?

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The Wandering Edition will be popping up all over the place! Check our social media accounts to stay in tune with where we are "Wandering" next! 


Interested in hosting an Open Truck Party at your house? Let Finery "Wander" your way for a private party! To host a party, all you need to do is call Natalie at 319.232.2809 or email Parties are subject to availability and on a first come first serve basis.

Hostess Details:

- A minimum of 15 people in attendance is required. The more the merrier, so invite whom ever you like! If there are less than 15 people, we may ask you to reschedule.

- Parties are booked for a two-hour window. If more time is needed, we can accommodate that...All you need to do is ask!

- There is no fee for the Wanderer to travel to you.

- Catering for the party is provided by the hostess.

- The week of the event an album will be posted on the Facebook Event Invitation for your party. We will do our best to stock the truck accordingly if the items are still in-stock. We will also be bringing some items that are not shown in the album. Make sure to invite the Wanderers owner, Natalie Mormann, to your event. Businesses are not able to be added to the invite list.

-All merchandise is available to be taken with you that day. In some cases, if the truck is out of a size we can see about ordering it for you. Not always is this an option but we can sure check for you!

- The Wanderer will travel a 60 mile radius of Manchester or Waterloo, Iowa.

- The truck is set up exactly like a mini-Finery! Complete with hardwood floors and a dressing room! The inside is heated but in these Iowa winters it could get a little chilly! We are able to roll a rack into your home with the different styles to select from so it's a little cozier!


Hostess bonuses available!  Email or call us for more information!

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